After fitting many guardian roofs which are an aluminium frame with layers of insulation usually which should be 135 mm thick a cavity tray.

Breathable under felt and finished with a light weight tile manufactured by metro tile, comparing the strength of the original roof we were removing with that of the new roof there was little difference.

Retro tiles uses your existing roof structure which is then reinforced before creating your new warm roof. Starting with a sealed condensation tray fitted between the beefed up spars a 25mm air gap to allow air flow under plywood sections.

A breathable under felt is fitted to the plywood and the roof is then finished with the metro tiles.

The roof insulation comprises of 25 mm of celutec insulation between the spars a further 25mm fitted between timber laths and then finished with insulated plaster boards incorporating a further 60 mm of insulation.

A final plaster and its now looking good.

Extras – velux windows, sunken down lights.